Blue Ribbon Farm
Mary and Bob Burr, 1334 Beech Hill Rd., Mercer 04957
ph. 587-4068
bburr@tdstelme.net, www.blueribbonfarm.net

Blue Ribbon Farm specializes in fresh pasta, natural lamb, and early green vegetables.

Our fresh pasta includes spaghetti, tagliatelle, buccatini, angel hair, fusilli, penne, rigatoni plus RAVIOLI! Our gourmet ravioli is made with our own lamb sausage, vegetables & herbs and cheese fillings made with local cheeses produced by Crooked Face Cheesery, York Hill Farm, and Kennebec Cheesery. Our all natural lamb is raised hormone and chemical free on the lush pastures of Blue Ribbon Farm and our organic early season vegetables are raised in high tunnel hoop houses.

Groundswell Farm
Mike Bowman & Maria Reynolds
Meeting House Rd., Solon

Groundswell Farm is located on a historic farmstead in South Solon; 10 miles north of Skowhegan.

We grow a wide selection of high quality, certified organic produce as well as locally adapted, open-pollinated heirloom seeds.

Groundswell Farm works to preserve vegetable, flower, and herb seed crops as well as to provide our surrounding community with fresh, healthy foods. As land stewards we believe healthy food is grown in healthy soil . Our mission is to strengthen our local food system, to increase local seed source availability, and to preserve rare and endangered heirloom varieties for future generations.


Tessier Farm
Carrie and Jason Tessier, 337 Malbons Mills Rd., Skowhegan 04976, 474-6380, j.tessier1@myfairpoint.net, www.tessiersfarm.com

We are a small family owned "barn yard" farm in central Maine. Located in Skowhegan on 12 acres of land since 1999. Our love of animals inspired us to start a small farm on our property. It has been a great learning opportunity for us. We pride ourselves in raising our own meat for our family as well our customers. We raise our own beef, pork, chicken but we specialize in New Zealand white Rabbits and Muscovy Ducks for meat. We have our own processing facility on site at the farm and are licensed by state of Maine. Try something different that is healthy and delicious!
Also we believe in recycling and making a conscious effort to reduce and reuse any materials at the farm. Tess's Totes by Tessier's Farm offers a variety of recycled tote bags made from feed bags. They make a unique gift for that special someone and is a big help to the earth! Support your local farmer's market! See you there!

Other activities on the farm include:
Horseback riding, producing Maple Syrup, selling eggs, milling lumber, recycling, and canning

Cayford Orchards
Jason Davis and Heather Hanson, 121 Hilton Hill Rd., Skowhegan 04976, ph. 474-5200

Six generation family farm on 18 acres with 57 different varieties of apples, peaches, pears and plums. We specialize in antique apple varieties. Pick your own at the farm from Sept. 1 through Thanksgiving.

good bread

Fire Fly Farm

Billi Barker, 526 Dexter Rd, Saint Albans, ME 04971,
ph. 938-3906
email: fireflymaine@yahoo.com
website: www.enchantedkitchen.org
Facebook: Enchanted Kitchen

Natural and organic farm, bakery, caterer and personal chef. Artisan, hand kneaded breads, cakes, pies, tarts and sweetie treats of all kinds made with organic, mostly local ingredients. More seasonal treats created each week—savory as well as sweet. Fruit and vegetables used are grown on my farm.  Maine grown and ground organic whole wheat, rye, oats and spelt from Aurora Mills in Linneus.

Good Bread @ R Family Farm
Karl & Laurie Rau, PO Box 212 Brownfield, ME 04010
ph. 368-4788, cell: 416-4788

We run a small bake shop in the mountains of western Maine where we strive to make both healthful and delicious products for you. You can expect hi quality ingredients, primarily organic with some local ingredients. We specialize in sourdoughs and yeast breads as well as Bavarian pretzels and cookies. We looking forward to seeing you at market each week the market is open.

grassland farm
Moodytown Gardens

Grassland Farm
Sarah and Garin Smith, 41 Grassland Lane, Skowhegan 04976,
ph. 474-6864
grasslandfarm@hotmail.com, www.grasslandorganicfarm.com

We are a MOFGA certified organic family farm producing a diverse array of products. We offer fresh, raw milk in returnable glass bottles, given to us by our happy herd of Holsteins, Jerseys, Linebacks, and Brown Swiss cows. We sell beef raised on grass at our farm available by the cut or in bulk by the side. Seasonally we provide fresh, nutritious mixed vegetables. We also raise pastured chickens available by pre-order only.

Moodytown Gardens
Johanna Burdet, 1172 East Ridge Road, Cornville, ME 04976, moodytowngardens@gmail.com

A newly diversified mixed vegetable farm now offering cut flowers, flower seedlings, dried flowers, and dried vegetables. Aiming to add color to your table and pollinators to our fields. In addition to flower bouquets, CSA shares are also available for pick-up at the market. Farm shares run for 15 weeks from June through September and include a variety of produce with a additional flower option available. Dried vegetables will include tomatoes, kale, carrots, beets, onions, peas, peppers, and soup mixes.

kennebec cheesery

Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm
Jean & Peter Koons, Sidney 04330
ph. 547-4171,

We hand-craft small batches of cheese and yoghurt using milk from our Alpine goats. Our goats are pasture fed, otherwise they eat hay made on the property and GMO free grain. Goat cheeses include chevre (classic and with seasonings), chevre rolled in herbs or in oil with herbs, feta, and a firm brie called Snow Pond Farmhouse. From a neighbor’s organic Jersey cows' milk we produce full cream and skim yoghurt and a firm brie called Messalonskee. Katahdin lamb will be available in the fall.

Northwoods Naturals
Joseph & Sarah Baker, Bingham 04920
ph. 431-0000

Growing a fine selection of organic vegetables for over 30 years. Located in the backwoods between Athens, Brighton, Solon and Bingham, our gardens reflect the natural lifestyle to which we are committed. We strongly believe in growing and providing only the best food for our customers. Good Food for the Planet.

One Drop Farm

One Drop Farm
Ann and Andrew Mefferd, 300 Beckwith Rd., Cornville 04976
ph. 858-3033
farmers@onedropfarm.com, www.onedropfarm.com

We are a diverse family farm on 127 acres along Wesserunsett Stream just four miles north of downtown Skowhegan.  We raise certified organic vegetables, seedlings, eggs, meats and dried herbs in a manner that adheres to MOFGA rules, the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare standards, and our own respect for life to ensure that each crop and critter is safe, happy, healthy and able to express their natural behaviors.  We leave land fallow each year to rest and incorporate green manures and cover crops to replenish the soil.  Our animals and gardens are integrated systems benefiting from each other creating a circle of nutrients and fertility.  We are dedicated members of our community and are excited to be a part of this thriving local food web.  You can find us at Market year round.  Check out the Cornucopia Institute website to see our eggs given one of the highest ratings on the national Egg Scorecard.

The Highlands
Mike Vermette, 212 Nate Richards Rd., St. Albans 04971 ph. 938-2710

A 250 acre, Katahdin view hillside farm established in 1985. We specialize in grass-fed Highland beef, and free range pork and poultry. Livestock are free to express their innate behaviors; cattle range, hogs root and wallow, and poultry scratch through fresh pasture daily. We also market fresh eggs. Reforestation experts. We attend market year round.

Meat is available by the cut or in bulk by pre-order.

trees to please

Trees To Please LLC
Todd Murphy, 416 Mercer Rd, Rome 04963 
ph. 522-0545

Our farm is located at 111 Smithfield Rd Norridgewock. We bring strawberries, jam and small live evergreen trees in 1 gallon pots to market. We will be at the market from mid-June through mid-July. The farm and gift shop are open the third weekend in September for our annual mum sale and from the end of November until Christmas for choose and cut, live and pre-cutChristmas trees, wreaths, kissing balls, outdoor baskets, fresh balsam fir centerpieces and gifts.

Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Gail Faith Edwards
Athens, Maine 04912
www.blessedmaineherbs.com, www.studyherbalmedicines.com, www.gailfaithedwards.wordpress.com

Blessed Maine Herb Farm is located on a beautiful ridge-top in Athens, Maine. We grow two acres of medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables using natural farming methods. We are a Certified Organic Grower and Processor. Our farm and processing facilities are Certified Organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. Our herbal product line includes herb tea and spice blends, tinctures and compound formulas, syrups, salves and infused oils. You can be sure that the products you receive from us have met the highest possible standards within the entire certified organic industry. We've been serving the community since 1989.

Crooked Face Creamery  

Crooked Face Creamery
Skowhegan, ME
(207) 858-5096

Josh and Amy Clark are third generation farmers, first generation cheese makers. They craft unique farmstead cheese with their herd of Jerseys. Jersey cows are a special breed. Their milk, naturally high in butterfat and protein, combined with a diet of organic forage and a rotational grazing program, give Crooked Face Creamery cheese an authentic rich flavor.

Each week this season, Amy & Josh will be offering a different variety of their signature aged Gouda-style cheese - red pepper, rosemary, herbs de provence, and a savory wood-fired favorite. They will also be selling whole milk ricotta in traditional (and returnable) cheese tins, as well as their own rendition of ricotta salata - a pressed ricotta with fresh herbs, good for baking, eating on a cracker, or by the spoonful.


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